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There aren't many places you can go to in order to find a home based job for free. The problem is not if the sites are free or not, it's understanding the difference between and actual job or a business opportunity. Most of these sites are business opportunity sites. Therefore, you are almost less likely to ever see a site that will offer an opportunity for free. What you should ask yourself is if any job being offered to you charges you a fee for supplying a need. When you are applying for a job, whether it is home based or not, you shouldn't have to pay for anything. If you have to pay for something, it is a product, not an occupation. If you run into an e-book telling you how to get a job, then you should expect to be charged. However, when you are looking for a home based job, you shouldn't have to be charged for that either. The only type of jobs that I find online that come close to being free are freelancing jobs. These are jobs like writing jobs, web programming jobs and other online functions that are needed by a particular person or entity. You usually find these jobs on Craigslist, e-lance, etc. You find a lot of these jobs on classified sites and other sites alike. It's not that hard to find legitimate home based jobs no fee. It's all in how you search for these sites and what you expect from the site. If you want to have access to free home based employment or any other form of employment, then you will want to take a look at my blog. I leave posts about tips on finding a job and also supply referenced sites that will give you the most out of your search. Take a look now.
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